First in Politico Playbook: Glover Evening With Evan McMullin in D.C.

September 7, 2016 - Less than a minute read

On Saturday night, Juleanna Glover is hosting an “evening” with Evan McMullin for D.C. journalists and influencers to get to know him. Juleanna tells Playbook: “Evan is a hawkish, pro-trade, anti-cronyism, limited government, climate realist conservative who hasn’t forgotten that this is a nation of immigrants – he’s admirable on every level. We are glad to introduce and amplify his voice as part of the existential debate around the future of the GOP that begins again on November 8. ‘We’ = Kahlil Byrd, Stand Up America and me with Bill Kristol MC’ing Evan.” RSVP/more info

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